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Praise for Mothers, Daughters

“Mothers, Daughters is a wonderfully perceptive eyewitness account of some of the odd things that are now happening on the West Coast to love and sex, marriage and divorce, and the relations between parents and children. It is marvelously comic, but also terrifying – since, as we know, whatever people do in California today, they will probably do in the rest of America tomorrow, and all over the world the following day.” – Alison Lurie

“I really enjoyed Mothers, Daughters – which also has a lot to say about friends, lovers. It is totally interesting, absolutely real.
– Alice Adams

“In Mothers, Daughters, Carolyn See captures all the tacky charm of that [Los Angeles] world and all the diversions it offers, and does it well. …What distinguishes this novel from many another look at the California landscape is the writer’s ability to catch the panic of the survivors and more than that to go on to ask the questions that have to do with debts, self-respect, responsibility – to one’s self and to one’s children.” – Chicago Tribune

Mothers, Daughters presents the most vivid picture of nothingness, California-style, since Play it as it Lays.” – Washington Post

“Carolyn See draws the life of Southern California – the cars, the television, the rock stars, the canyon romances – with a scaringly insightful pen.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“A compulsively readable novel about marriage and divorce, parents and children in Southern California … carried off in a nicely ironic tone both moving and chilling.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A frighteningly realistic portrait of contemporary family relationships.” – Publishers Weekly