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Blue Money

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From the dustjacket–

The closest possible look at some of America’s richest and/or most famous pornographers. The author-who first became acquainted with this strange world as an expert witness in a series of pornography trials – focuses on decisive moments in the private lives of a “dirty book” pirate, a skin-flick movie magnate, an energetic businessman who has made a fortune in didlos – and one of the most brilliant attorneys in the nation, whose job it is to keep these merchants of smut out of jail.

In spite of the exotic nature of their merchandise, the Smut Kings are much like their more respectable counterparts in legitimate business. Almost oblivious to the incendiary nature of their product, they talk distribution problems, manufacturing facilities, and profit margins. Almost as important to the pornography industry as the manufacturer, so to speak, is the legal supporting team that keeps them out of jail and in business. Outstanding among these practitioners is Burton Marks. It was he who argued the Miller case before the Supreme Court, in which the Court made its most recent statement of the law on obscenity. (The author, incidentally, was an expert witness for the defense in the original lower court action.) She takes us into the secret citadel where Marvin Miller, the King of the Skin Flicks, carries on his multi-million-dollar operation. Equally successful is Matt Cimber, a former husband of Jayne Mansfield, Matt Cimber is in some ways the intellectual of the business. While not slighting the basic stock in trade of his business, wants to be known. Perhaps the most charismatic porno operator is Jim Holland, the Dildo King, who wanted the author to fly off to Alaska with him in his private plane.

At a different level, Dr. See takes us behind the scenes in Linda Lovelace’s private life, and she also tells how the performers in San Francisco “live shows” feel about their public amours.

What do these people, who job it is to sell us our sexual fantasies, think about sex themselves? How do they raise their children, treat their wives, and go about the daily business of making a living in one of the raunchiest, most dangerous professions in the country?

A fascinating, witty, often hilarious account of kings and queens of smut at play – and at work.